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"Diabetes IS a Life Threatening Condition."

We Know That Balancing Our Blood Sugar Levels Reduces Our Risk Of Diabetes But What Else Can It Help?

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Amazing Diabetes Discovery That Nobody Is Talking About

By Author Judd Resnick

My friend Judd just spent the last two and a half years learning the truth about diabetes. After interviewing diabetics, doctors, nutritionists, and other medical experts, he’s made some amazing discoveries that not many people know about - until today.

It all started 20 years ago when he witnessed his college roommate having a seizure from a diabetic attack. He managed to get his friend to the hospital and everything turned out fine, but he hasn’t gotten the experience out of his head ever since.

Today, his friend, a type 1 diabetic, is STILL suffering from diabetes-related symptoms. However, Judd also learned that there is a risk for getting type 2 diabetes which runs in his family. And what scared him was the very REAL possibility of the same symptoms affecting himself and his loved ones.

On top of that, millions more are succumbing to this condition every year. And diabetes rates continue to skyrocket at a frightening pace.

Judd asked himself:

“Is there a better way for people with diabetes to live?”

“Is there a way to reverse this scary trend?”

“Is there something *I* can do about it???”

That’s why he used his talents as a filmmaker and traveled around the world to get to the truth.

He didn’t waste time taking action because he knew one thing to be true:

If his friends, family, and millions of other people don't know how to take their health back...

...the consequences could be deadly.

Most people fall ill to this preventable disease simply because they don’t know how to help themselves.

And for some folks, they’d rather keep their health out of sight and out of mind…

...because they’re scared to confront the truth about the state of their health.

But it’s time to change all of that, starting NOW.

In "That Diabetes Documentary," Judd aims to remove the veil of confusion and misinformation that's shrouded this topic for the longest time.

And by learning the truth, people can empower themselves with knowledge and start making positive changes to their health, even as early as TODAY.

To get the full story about Judd’s journey and how to live a better (and more sustainable) lifestyle, click on the image now.

That’s why he used his talents as a filmmaker and traveled around the world to get to the truth.

He didn’t waste time taking action because he knew one thing to be true:

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Who Would Benefit From This Program?

Type II diabetics who wants it to be so well-managed, that they minimise (and in some cases eliminate) their reliance on expensive prescription drugs
Anyone who is concerned about their health and that of their loved ones. Even non diabetics are suffering from the side effects of imbalanced blood sugar. These side effects include low energy, obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, vision problems, nerve problems, and sleep issues.

Type 1 and 1.5 diabetics who want to discover more ways to keep their lives well managed and full of energy. Several Type 1 and 1.5 diabetics were also interviewed in this groundbreaking program and there is a lot of helpful information contained (plus recipes) that are valuable.

Those with Gestational Diabetes who want to keep their blood sugar in balance throughout pregnancy (and to prevent developing Type II Diabetes in the future).

So Why Don’t Many Doctor’s Tell Us That There Is A Better Way?

For 2 SHOCKING Reasons…

First, most are on the payroll of the big pharma companies earning lucrative commissions for pushing their drugs…

The second reason is even more common…

By offering you another natural option, they are going against everything they have been taught during and since medical school and much of what the medical industry stands for…

But hang on it gets worse…

30 million or roughly 10% of the U.S population has diabetes…

…and a further 20 million more are undiagnosed…

These are frightening numbers


But what about the medications themselves?

Recent statistics released from the American Diabetes Association show that diabetic medication merely controls the symptoms of diabetes and doesn’t actually work half, as well as the medical industry, would have you believe.

Shockingly, in many cases, many medications have been found to progress the disease. Often to the point of no return…

Just to be clear once again – I’m not saying you shouldn’t take your meds.

The Diabetes Smarts Program


That Diabetes Cookbook:  Simple, Healthy, and Balanced Recipes Perfect For Everyday
That Diabetes Cookbook: Simple, Healthy, and Balanced Recipes Perfect For Everyday

This is the quickest and most convenient way to enjoy healthy and blood sugar-friendly meals throughout the week. Save a ton of time by choosing any of the tasty recipes in this amazing cookbook.

We've put together the best dishes that will keep the whole family satisfied and provide their body with clean energy to burn all day long!

That Diabetes Documentary  Companion Guide
That Diabetes Documentary Companion Guide

Each episode comes with a companion guide to help you get the most out of this groundbreaking documentary series.

Every companion guide contains a summary of the core concepts of the corresponding episode. Plus, it also includes a quick quiz to help you remember the key points.

That Diabetes Shopping List
That Diabetes Shopping List

With so many food options out there, it's hard to figure out which ones are actually good for us. That's why we've taken the guesswork out of the equation, thanks to this handy list.

Use this guide to stock the kitchen with only the best food and ingredients to keep the family healthy in the long run!

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Can Type II Really Be Reversed?


The goal is to have it so well managed, that your own doctor might possibly say that meds are no longer recommended.


The great news is that all this and more has been heavily researched, and made easy for you right here.

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